Hexagonal version of 2048 puzzle game for iOS.

iOS SpriteKit Objective-C

Screenshot of x2048

x2048 is a puzzle game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that I developed around 2012. It is a version of the (at the time) popular 2048 puzzle game, but on an hexagonal board instead of a 4x4 matrix.

It was my first proper game for iOS, and it presented several new challenges. It was made using Apple's SpriteKit. One of the main challenges was creating the recursive algorithm that calculates the movement for each disc, detecting discs movements and merges. A bit later I also implemented in-app purchases using Apple's iAP APIs, which was another fun challenge on itself.

x2048 is available for free in the App Store.

At some point I ported the game for macOS, but the gameplay was less than optimal, so I never released it.

In February 2018 I started working on a complete rewrite of this game in Swift, and I plan on releasing this new version in the App Store soon. It should be a cleaned-up, and more robust version of the game, as my old Objective-C code for the first version was starting to show its age.