Graphical interface for Homebrew package manager.

macOS Cocoa Objective-C

Screenshot of Cakebrew

Graphical user interfaces for package managers already existed for several Linux distros, but I realized there were none for Mac. I decided that making one for Homebrew (a package manager for macOS) would be a good opportunity to learn more about Cocoa development, and I had a lot of fun making it.

After a couple of bloggers mentioned Cakebrew in their work, it showed up on Hacker News, where it aggregated over 300 points. That week the project popularity exploded: several GBs of traffic were observed in its homepage, and it was featured on GitHub trending repositories.

After that, and over time, several other people contributed to the project, and it evolved gracefully for a couple of years. Development stagnated after I started working full-time, and I never had the time to go over it again and do the improvements I want.

Overall it makes available most of the basic features through the UI, and it still works well. Occasionally I still release updates to fix bugs when required.