List Of 10 Albums That Won’t Appear On A List Of Greatest Albums Ever But Should

Apple Music started putting out Their Very Own™ list of "100 Best Albums of All Time", which just made me think, yet again, of all the terribly under-appreciated albums in this planet.

I could babble a lot about this here, but the jist of it is that there is so much music out there that to try to create any list of best/great/important/influential music will always leave out deserving mentions. And if it’s intended to be a recurring thing, well, this just moves the question to "why weren’t any of these part of last year’s one?"

So instead of just moaning about it, I decided to create my very own list. One more! How much harm could that bring. However, instead of highlighting what I believe (and yes, these are always subjective) to be the greatest albums, I’ll instead highlight albums that should simply be more widely known. I don’t intend to be prescriptive or thorough here, and I’m assuredly missing many, many more, but I think these are a good list to start with. (Yes, I might make more!)

blog, verb

add new material to or regularly update a blog: it's about a week since I last blogged.

– New Oxford American Dictionary

Seems straightforward in theory, but as clearly demonstrated by the very specimen you are currently reading, it is far from it.

Postcard Exchange

TL;DR: I have started a postcard exchange. Send me a postcard from anywhere and I’ll send one back!

Adding IPv6 support to VestaCP 0.9.8-19

The current release of VestaCP (which I use to host this site) doesn’t currently support IPv6. In this tutorial I will explain how I managed to make my server accept IPv6 connections with very little changes to the config files of my server, in a way that makes it very easy to undo the changes when VestaCP eventually supports IPv6 officially.